Friday, August 19, 2011

This is Buttons.  She, like my mother, is a newcomer to the nursing home.  On her first day, she curled up in her chair and refused to open her eyes or deal with other life forms in any way.  Even offerings of  chocolate  tuna treats, weren't enough to get her to open her eyes and participate.  I pleaded, I cajoled, I held her hand paw...all to no avail.  Like the two year old who thinks she is invisible if she closes her eyes, Mom Buttons remained obstinate throughout her first evening, even going so far as to spit out her medication at one point.  I left in the evening hoping for a change in attitude by morning.

Eyes open, one might even suspect a smile on her little face.....the second day brought a change in attitude.  We retired to the sun porch, in full view of the bird feeders and children next door at play.  Is there a huge change?  Not yet....but as one curled up in the lap of the other, things were looking up.

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  1. Mom Buttons...a neighborly-sounding name. Hope to hear of comfort she may bring to a new home.