Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not My Best Mooment

I turned 51 a few weeks ago and three days after that my mother turned 89.  Common sense and reality deserted me in my 51st year and so I went to visit my mother on both days filled with expectation and hope.  On neither day would she open her eyes and look at me.  I sadly took her presents back home, to save for a day when she was more here than there.  I spent time with her last Saturday.  I ended up opening her gifts, holding them up close for her to see, putting them away carefully for another day.

As I usually do, I put my hand on hers and on this day she was having none of that...she recoiled and gave me a nasty look as she leaned forward to scratch me.  I ducked, just barely.   In the next moment she called me a cow!!  In the moment after that, I stuck my tongue out at her...yeah, you heard me.  Not my best moment.  It occurred to me as I was sitting across from her, in all the wisdom of my 51 years with my face contorted and tongue a-hanging.... oh yes siree, I'm all growed up.  She stared blankly at me for a long moment and then blinked very slowly as she turned her head and looked away.  As always was the case, it seems she had the last word after all.  I shook my head, uttered a feeble mooooo and ambled from the room.