Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I crept into the dim light of my mothers room this weekend....she was down for an afternoon nap. I must have startled her in my approach, as her eyes flew open and she gasped..."oh mama, I'm so glad you are here" she said. I sat down on the bed and she reached for my hand and burrowed just a bit closer putting her head in my lap. I held her hand and gently stroked her cheek as she shut her eyes and drifted off. It wasn't always like this between she and I. We didn't touch, hug or hold hands. I am greedy in my mid life, touching and holding her constantly, as if I could somehow undo the last 50 years. I notice when I touch her, that her body remembers what her mind has forgotten. I don't think AD can obliterate the sense of touch and gentleness. Her face relaxes, a ghost of a smile appears.....oh mama.

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