Saturday, September 4, 2010

Looking For Lawrence Welk....

I live with Alzheimers, so I get to find humor in it. There's so little about this disease to laugh about that eventually you find yourself chuckling about really crazy things. It keeps me sane. For example, I'm walking down the hall this morning looking for my mom and Jackie (fellow resident) is walking towards me. I shout out a fairly cheerful good morning and pause on my way to the music room. "Have you seen Lawrence Welk?"... she asks. I tell her with confidence that I do not believe he is in the building, but rumor has it he will be around this afternoon. Did I mention that Alzheimers also makes you a pretty good liar. Jackie is a former model and singer, so in a weird way it kinda makes sense that she's looking for old Lawrence. Are you following me on this?
Today was a good visit. I found humor everywhere I looked instead of the obvious alternative. When they ask my mother for a urine sample and she delivers it in her roomates denture cup...that's funny. When the dentures also happen to be in the cup, even funnier and yes, this is a true story.
My mother loves a good joke and still likes to laugh. That's one thing that hasn't changed about her over the last few years. Research into Alzheimers has found that short but cheerful visits tend to set the tone for the patients day, long after they have forgotten you were even there. On my visits I try to get her laughing. Sometimes she'll even chime in with her own joke or funny story. It doesn't matter if it makes sense.....the treasure is in the laughter. Today was a good day and besides, I hear Lawrence Welk is playing tonight!

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  1. An' a one, an' a two, an' a three. Oh yes, I see the bubbles!