Monday, August 9, 2010

Ode to Nancy Sinatra

I love shoes. I'm hard pressed not to find the good in just about any shoe. My mother loved shoes in her day. She had 71 pairs of pointed toed stiletos in every color of the rainbow. I remember dress up days as a kid...the world is your oyster with a good looking pair of shoes on! My mother never owned a pair of black shoes, can you believe that? I have so many pairs of black shoes, I predict a 12 step meeting just for me is on the horizon.

I build outfits from the ground up. Get the shoes and the rest just falls into place. Theres a visceral pull in my gut when I walk into a shoe store and "THE PAIR" find me. Helloooooo they say. Where have you been all my life, I say inside my head. Size 8 and be quick about it. Last year I bought a pair of really expensive Italian leather dress shoes with "great cleavage" as the salesperson said. He said they looked just fabulous. Little did he know, they had me at Helloooo.

The first pair of shoes I remember needing to have were a pair of ankle high/side zippered, white GoGo boots. My parents kindly relented and the world changed from the ground up that day. I was 6 years old and I even wore those boots with my Brownie uniform. I've been chasing that dragon ever since.
I have to say one thing here about white shoes.....NO! I know, I just told you about the GoGo boots..but with age, has come wisdom. Any way you slice it in my book...white shoes are a fashion don't. I was raised with the rule that you don't wear white before Memorial Day nor after Labor Day. If you must wear white....respect the rule. And by the way, "winter white" is still white!

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  1. 71 pairs and not a one of them black?! I cannot comprehend this! Wearing the right shoe can just make you feel so good. I'm with you, sister!! I remember HAVING to have a pair of shoes from Stuart's as a kid, 3rd grade. Cheap store, cheap shoes, but I loved them... until the heel came right off when I was going to get on the school bus and I had to go the whole day like that! It cured me of cheap shoes.