Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Country Mouse

My friends from the city came out for dinner last night. Mind you, I've lived here for two years and this was their first visit. Amid a bevy of frantic cell phone calls demanding to know how much further and which white church do we turn right at, they arrived. The dirt roads and no cell service zones almost did them in. It really was touch and go for a few miles.

We sat out in the backyard for awhile and let the evening fill in around us. Stories were told and laughter was shared. Much to their disappointment, no bears or moose wandered out of the woods to grace us with a visit. Finches, chickadees and chipmunks were plentiful and amused us with their antics.

At one point, a comment was made that once you got here, why would you want to leave? It's always good to look at a familiar place with new eyes and my friend reminded me aknew of all that I love about this home and this tiny area of forest I call mine.

They drove off a couple hours later and I waved goodby. No frantic phone calls on the way home, no bears in the road......maybe just a new appreciation for dirt roads, an absence of street lights and stars, clear in the night sky.