Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday

My mother turned ninety today!  
I got her two new outfits, ordered the wrist corsage, picked up the cupcakes and candy and headed to see her with anticipation.  My mother and I share birthdays just 3 days apart and it was the family rule to celebrate both together on the 9th.  I joined her for dinner this evening and spoon fed her.  She kept her eyes closed but squeezed my hand occasionally.  As is the case quite often, my expectations far exceeded today's reality.  No cupcakes were eaten, no flowers smelled and no gifts were opened.  My mother kept her eyes closed, barely present and certainly not aware of her birthday.
I sat with her for two hours and quietly shared her birthday with those around me.  It wasn't what I'd wanted,  but then again it was hardly what she would have picked either.  In the end, I'm grateful to have held her hand and sat with her in the silence.

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  1. I love the picture of your mom, and the post. Happy birthday to you both!