Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday mornings.....

My mother always used to say how much she would like to get a manicure.  Being a right arm amputee, it was not something she could do for herself.  Being also a frugal Yankee, she balked at the idea of paying full price but was too shy to ask for half off.  I don't know why a manicure is never something I offered to do for her.  I suppose we spent so much energy trying to get along that mom and daughter trips to the spa just weren't part of our reality.

Saturday mornings now,  are "spa" mornings for mom.  I pack up my polish and lotions and spend a couple hours massaging her hand, manicuring her nails and finishing her off with a polish.  This weeks shade is "Cherries in the Snow".  It's a little sassy and quite a bit fun.  She smiled with pleasure as I did my work.  I chattered on about my crazy work week asking her opinion here and there.  She's very good with confidentiality.  She keeps my secrets and admissions close.  She's pretty quiet today, doesn't have much to say,  which I suspect is her way of telling me, I should have kept my mouth shut this week.  Mom knows best........just one more lesson she continues to teach me.